Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Now is the time to see tiny but tough hummingbirds.In all years here in houston I only seen one hummingbirds in my feeder with a mixture of one part sugar to four parts of water. I love to watch hummingbirds.In Alabama everytime we visit my in-laws the hummingbirds are all over in their porch,maybe 30-40 hummingbirds.And I enjoy watching them.Hummingbirds may look like delicate ornaments but the tiny birds are as tough as steel.Ruby throated hummers also have an extra-ordinary level of endurance,making a twice yearly migration between breeding grounds in eastern NOrth America and wintering grounds in southern mexico and central america.Many of them fly non stop 600 miles across the Gulf of Mexico between the Texas coast and the Yucatan Peninsula, while others fly overland around the coastline.
Beginning in late July and going through October ruby throated hummingbirds congregate along the Gulf Coast to build up body fat before heading to LAtin America.Their numbers peak in September as females and juveniles join the males that arrived first.
So now is the best time to watch for the little beauties, the males with bright red throats the females with bright red throats,the female with gray throats and sub-adult males with hint of red on their gray throats.In our home I only see one hopefully I could see more this year.