Thursday, September 18, 2008

After Hurricane Ike

Before hurricane Ike comes last Saturday we went to BUffalo.The earlier the better and less traffic too.WE leave Buffalo yesterday because we have already electricity in our street.On our way home we stop in Willis to get a gas but the line is to long.It takes an hour before you can pump a gas....Since we have a half tank we did not wait.Then we stop in Conroe to eat but they dont have electricity,all fast food are close even the small store.So,we decided we just eat at home when we arrived.I told my husband we will just eat can goods.....This is the worst storm I ever seen in my whole life.YOu know what I mean?...THis morning we went to Wal-mart the only one grocery store open near in our place..The pump gas!no line which is good,but inside the grocery store in wal-mart you need to be in line. They count the people come in and out because they dont have security camera.