Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ms.Little Winky Girl

Every Saturday night me and my hubby attend mass at the Catholic Church since on sunday morning me and my hubby attend at the Methodist Church,to make it fair to both of us.And we dont have any problem on it no matter how tired we us we need our butttttt in the church on saturday and sunday. At the catholic church there is a little girl, I thinks she's5 or 6 yrs old. She and her Grandma sit 2 pews from us.And every saturday when she seen my husband she always wink and my husband wink her back too. My husband love kids.It broke her heart when he seen kids walking on the street without parents,starving etc.Anyway, we call this girl Ms.Winky Girl.She's so cute and I;m sure she's mean too..ha ha ha..that's what kids are?.But this saturday we did not notice her,she had a new haircut and she looks so gorgeous.And my husband dont recognize too.MAybe my husband fall asleep ha ha ha.After the service there is a little girl running on our front.She said to my husband "hey! hey! you".My husband said Hi Little girl. She reply, why you did not wink on me? ha ha ha ha...when you see her face she looks like a matured womane,she is just 5 or 6 yrs old.So my husband said..Im sorry I did not mean too.I did not seen you...Then my husband ask her grandma if he can hug her. The point here is, that little girl jump on my husband about not wink him back.