Thursday, June 26, 2008

ONly You

We have a bad weather today just this morning it's to hot and suddenly thunderstorm come and the sky is crying ha ha ha. So here I am at the computer thinking what to post in my blog. Im thinking about you, about me and everybody.

YOu dont need anyone else to give your life direction.You know what is right for you. Inside your heart exists a special knowledge of the plans you've made.THe hopes you have and the dreams you hold.YOu may be hesitant at times even fearful to go on but thats a natural feeling.All of us go through.What you need to remember is what means the most to you and how to keep alive your hopes and dreams. Then with all the greatness that is within you go in that new direction backed by your own faith, decisive, courage and a heart filled with dreams. And remember you can make the right things happen in your life