Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dangerous Blood Clots

You have probably heard that passengers on long flights may develop dangerous blood clots. Yes, it's true. When my husband went to the Philippines his Doctor worry on him because he had a heart problem and it may cause blood clots.Love can move mountains.With GOd Helps he arrived safely.What you may not realize is that people who take day trips in cars or trains may also be at risk. ANy form of travel longer than four hours increases one's chances for deep vein thrombosis. I dont have an idea about this " Blood clot " but when I arrived here our Doctor explain this to me. We always go to Alabama 2-3times a yr and it takes 12 hrs from here to there.Blood clots in the legs can be deadly when they break away and travel to the lungs, heart or brain. To counteract periods of immobility while traveling, plan to take hourly walks and do exercise to contract your calf muscles. Avoiding sedatives and alcohol is important too. Treatment is most effective when DVT is detected early. Symptoms include calf pain or cramps and swelling of the leg.