Friday, April 18, 2008

Get YOurself Out of a BAd Mood

There are time that we are in bad mood.We are just human! BAd moods magnify trivial annoyances and dampen enjoyment. There are some quick fix tactics to restore emotional equilibrium. Like "EAT SOME CHOCOLATE".It prompts the release of serotonin the brains natural chemical upper. Eat slowly, savoring the sweetness and texture. Limit yourself to two pieces a chocolate binge will only make you feel worse later.Another is "SHIFT THE FOCUS AWAY FROM YOUR BAD MOOD" by doing something for others like send a funny card to a volunteer works."CONTACT SOMEONE WHO MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD".Simply ask that person to help you cheer up or bask in the glow of his/her positive outlook. Just being around a child for instance may awaken your own natural joy and enable you to regain your perspective.In case you can't reach anyone, keep a photo of a loved one nearby.The important is avois people who bring yo down.