Friday, December 19, 2008

Permanent Green Card

I been in here in US as a fiancee I enter as a non-immigrant last 2006.IM holding a conditional permanent residency for two years and was expired last Sept 2008. SO, I file last May 31, to remove my conditional residency .That's 90 days before my green card expired.By JUne the USCIS received my papers also I received my NOA on that month with the extension for one year.By July I scheduled for fingerprinting.I submit my papers at Vermont Service Center.

I check everyday about the status on my papers but until now it's still CASE RECEIVED AND PENDING.IT's been six month's since they received my documents.It says online it's take 10-12 months before got approved because of the back log.

My question is,Is it really this long before we received the GC or approved our 10 yrs green card?

Can you travel outside the country?

Is there any problem to the PORT OF ENTRY showing your extension paper?

IM posting this because IM hoping that somebody could share their experience.And I will keep posting my updates about my green card so I can share also.

I do really appreciate to all of you who shared....That Im not the only one who is waiting for our Permanent GReen CArd.