Monday, September 29, 2008

The cheapest ways to get healthy

Keep your eye on that giant flat screen TV you've been wanting.Even when the economy stinks, you dont have to let good health hog your budget.Here are tips on where to save and where to spend.

Buy fruit and vegetables when they're in season. You'll get the best produce for the least coin.In season now peaches,tomatoes,corn and peppers.COming next? Apples,pears, winter squash, yams and bruseels sprouts.

Find a workout buddy and save the cost to get there. WHo's a good buddy? Someone who genuinely wants you both to succeed in getting heathier. You can even enlist the bored mutt who's been gnawing on your slippers.In one study,walking scamp 20 minutes a day,five days a week led to 14 pound weight loss for humans.The cannies got healthier too.

Look for healthy bargains. They're usually right in front of you.Choose oatmeal instead of expensive boxed cereals,beans instead of red meat, and frozen orange juice concentrate instead offruit punch,soda or bottled.

Quit smoking.There are scores of reasons to do this but the one that fits this column is that the average price of a pack of cigarettes is $4.22 nationally.If you're a pack a day smoker,quitting will put an extra $1,540 or more per year in your pocket and remove all kinds of gunk from your lungs.

Treat your feet.Th 26 bones in your feet get a pounding every day.Wear well cushioned, well-fitted walking or running shoes when you'll be walking or standing for long periods of time.Replace your shoes every six to nine months.Get measured wearing your favorite sports socks at least once.

Sniff your way to better health

The easiest way to be more focused,safer skinnier and less stressed might be under your nose. CErtain easy to find scents may push your well being higher than the price of a vintage Ferrari.

Peppermint makes you wake up and focus. YOu pay better attention to must do jobs especially ones demanding accuracy. When a peppermint scent was wafting around workers made fewer typing mistakes and alphabetized things faster.

Cinnamon makes you a better driver, IN simulated driving test, a whiff of cinnamon every 15 minutes decreased fatique.

Grapefruit makes you skinny! Preliminary studies suggest that the scent of grapefruit oil may help reduce appetite.Researchers speculate that the oil's smell has an effect on liver enzymes that might help nix cravings and spur weight loss.

Rosemary makes you less stressed. A few minutes of exposure to the scent of this herb curb the release of cortisol a key stress hormone that can prematurely age you. One study suggested smelling this herb (it worked with lavender,too) also can enhance antioxidant activity in your body.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I love your blog award

Sister Rosemarie thanks for the award. I really appreciate it.

Im passing this award to Ailyn, Jemi, & Darlene

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cellphone Vs. Bible

Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cellphone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several time a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
What if we used it when we traveled?
What if we used it in case of emergency?
This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Bible?
Oh, and one more thing. Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected, because Jesus already paid the bill.
Makes you stop and think 'where are my priorities? And no dropped calls!Trust in the Lord and

*ASAP (Always Say A Prayer)Have a blessed and wonderful day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of AUtumn

Today is the first day of Autumn.In the United States and the rest of the northern hemisphere, the first day of the autumn season is the day of the year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving southward (on September 22nd or 23rd). This day is known as the Autumnal Equinox.

A common misconception is that the earth is further from the sun in winter than in summer. Actually, the Earth is closest to the sun in December which is winter in the Northern hemisphere.

As the Earth travels around the Sun in its orbit, the north-south position of the Sun changes over the course of the year because of the changing orientation of the Earth's tilted rotation axes. The dates of maximum tilt of the Earth's equator correspond to the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice, and the dates of zero tilt to the Vernal Equinox and Autumnal Equinox.
The reason for these changes has to do with the Earth's yearly trip around the sun. For part of the year the Earth's North Pole points away from the sun and part of the time toward it. This is what causes our seasons. When the North Pole points toward the sun, the sun's rays hit the northern half of the world more directly. That means it is warmer and we have summer.
The declination of the Sun on the autumnal equinox is 0° 00'. On the day of the autumnal equinox, day and night are nearly the same amounts of time. In the United States, there are about 12 hours of daylight on this day.


Why is lupus so hard to diagnose?Like many autoimmune diseases, in which the body attacks itself, lupus is hard to pinpoint becaus it has an especially wide range of symptoms involving various parts of the body.And symptoms differ from patient to patient.Most people develop painful joints and rash (often caused by sun exposure) but lupus may also cause fatique,depression,miscarriages,idney problems and hair loss.

How do you know if you have it? sometimes you don't................ which can be dangerous because early treatment can prevent the disease fom worsening. The overwhelming majority of people with lupus may be sick with various unclear symptoms for at least four years before they get a diagnosis.There is no one test that determines if you have it. To be diagnosed with systemic lupus ( the most common form) you must hve certain combinations of symptoms and or blood test results including at least four out of the following criteria a butterfly shaped rash across the checks and nose a rash that's raised and crusty,a rash that's made worse by sunlight,oral ulcers,inflammatory arthritis, kidney problems, central nervous system problems (such as seizures),inflammation of the tissue lining the lungs or heart,blood disorders (such as anemia) and positive tests for certain types of antibiotics.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank GOD it's Friday

Thank God it's friday.........

Dog put out his misery

"You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, just a'cryin' all the time." Who hasn't heard Elvis belt out that rock and roll classic, but did you ever consider the hidden meaning behind those words? Clearly this was a song about the long-term effects of a negative attitude, and the hidden implication is, "put your hound dog out of his misery!"

Anyway,Alice dog name Jimmy put to sleep today.It's sad,I miss that dog he is a great dog.Last thursday Alice daughter pick them up with the dog and cat.They will stay in Willis before the Hurricane Ike.When they arrived in Willis,Jimmy the dog jump in the suburban.After that his limping both legs at the back.Alice been spending to much money in this dog,everytime the animals got sick,or they dont eat she will bring them to the vet.Jimmy is a big dog,an overweight dog.He been in diet.This morning we bring Jimmy to the vet.Ask the Vet Doctor what's wrong with Jimmy.Why his limping? The Doctor told us that Jimmy have a fracture like loosing a screw that you cannot put it back on his legs and both legs are swollen.By the Jimmy been suffering athritis.Alice ask what should we do with Jimmy.The vet said...I could not do anything but there is an option.You can do surgery but it cost more than a thousand dollar.And I will not promise that it could be a successful one or we can put him to sleep.Jimmy is 13 yrs old.It's takes a while before Alice decide Jimmy put in sleep.I know it hurt for Alice.She make the good decision.Alice is 85 yrs old,she dont need to be take care of this sickly dog and good for Jimmy.He will not suffer the pain no more.I believe that dogs are all in heaven.

If you notice that your dog is sort of limping in the morning it's best if you take him to the veterinarian and make sure to give all the information you can about when your dog started limping etc. If your dog seems to be jumping slightly when he walks it's possible that one of his superior articulations are damaged. If your dog does not put any weight on his leg it's probably fractured. And, if you notice that your dog is puts his foot down very slowly and carefully, it's possible he has a wound. Sometimes the motives for limping are very obvious such as when a dog has fallen which can cause his bone to fracture etc. There are certain breeds actually that have more sensitive bones and are more likely to suffer from fractured bones than others like greyhounds, Chihuahuas, and Maltese's. If you think your dog has a hurt leg and you want to examine him, ask someone else to help you. If you think that your dog might have a broken bone, put a muzzle on the dog first to avoid him from accidentally biting you. Start by examining the dogs paw very carefully and with detail, sometimes something as small as a broken nail can cause a dog to limp. Check to see if the dogs paw has any cuts and gently feel the dog to see if there are any areas of his paw or leg that feel hotter, swollen, and areas where the dog seems to be in pain. Make sure to examine every single detail in the dog's paw and leg. If you think your dog might be very hurt, the best thing is to call the veterinarian and take him for a check up.

Drop ec

Im tired cleaning on our messy yard,falling trees,my poor flower bed....ha ha ha It's alright the important thing is we dont have a major damage.We are blessed..Thank GOD...I miss my blog so Im here busy dropping ec today.To all who drop ec thank you so much.........

Thursday, September 18, 2008

After Hurricane Ike

Before hurricane Ike comes last Saturday we went to BUffalo.The earlier the better and less traffic too.WE leave Buffalo yesterday because we have already electricity in our street.On our way home we stop in Willis to get a gas but the line is to long.It takes an hour before you can pump a gas....Since we have a half tank we did not wait.Then we stop in Conroe to eat but they dont have electricity,all fast food are close even the small store.So,we decided we just eat at home when we arrived.I told my husband we will just eat can goods.....This is the worst storm I ever seen in my whole life.YOu know what I mean?...THis morning we went to Wal-mart the only one grocery store open near in our place..The pump gas!no line which is good,but inside the grocery store in wal-mart you need to be in line. They count the people come in and out because they dont have security camera.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Difference between Hurricane and Typhoon

HUrricane and Typhoon are simply different names for a tropical cyclone.These cyclones are given the name “hurricane” in the Western hemisphere (the North Atlantic Ocean, the Northeast Pacific Ocean east of the dateline, or the South Pacific Ocean east of 160E), and the term “typhoon” is applied in the Eastern hemisphere (the Northwest Pacific Ocean west of the dateline). That said, there are even further distinctions throughout the world. The term “severe tropical cyclone” is given in the Southwest Pacific Ocean west of 160E or Southeast Indian Ocean east of 90E. The term “severe cyclonic storm” is given in the North Indian Ocean. And the term “tropical cyclone” is given in the Southwest Indian Ocean.
When the maximum sustained surface winds of a tropical cyclone is less than 39 miles per hour (34 kt, 17 m/s), it is referred to as a “tropical depression.” In the area between this 39 mph (34 kt, 17 m/s) mark and 74 mph (64 kt, 33 m/s), it is known as a “tropical storm.” And then, of course, as it reaches the 74 mph mark (64 kt, 33 m/s), it becomes classified as a hurricane, typhoon, or one of the other names mentioned above.

Hurricane Ike

We just come home from wal-mart buy some can goods,waters and things need to be use for the coming hurricane. I never been experience a bad hurricane since I arrived here in US like what happen in New Orleans few days ago and the katrina before. Some times just a little bit rain and a mild wind......not like this coming hurricane it will be 135mph,as what the prediction is...... I empty all are freezer incase there is no electricity, buy cases of waters and more can goods and of course full tank on our two vans.Texas officials were encouraging residents in the path of Hurricane Ike to do three things listen to what local officials say, monitor weather reports and gas up, now.Incase Ike gets stronger maybe we will evacuate earlier going to Buffalo.

Hurricane Ike strengthened in the Gulf's warm waters Wednesday and churned toward the Texas coast, and officials started to evacuate the first of millions of residents who could be in the storm's path. Ike bloomed to a Category 2 storm and was likely to grow even stronger before its predicted strike on the Texas coast early Saturday.

If more Texas officials order a mandatory exodus, it would be the first large-scale evacuation in South Texas history. State and county officials let people decide for themselves whether to leave a hurricane area until just before Hurricane Rita struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. Now county officials can order people out of harm's way.

Keep us in your prayers!.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spreading the Christmas Spirit Tag

Thanks Wheng for the Christmas Spirit.It’s so simple. Copy the photo below then write your blog and your wish this Christmas 2008. Your wish has to be something PRICELESS and SELF- LESS… something that money can’t buy… something that another person will treasure dearly.

1. Bits and Pieces by Jan: I wish Gino and I will be able to convince friends to help us sponsor a simple Christmas party for the children of White Cross Children’s Home in San Juan.

2. The Wifey Diaries by Jannesse: My birthday falls on the 22nd of December. I have always wished to spend it with orphaned or abandoned kids. I’d be super happy to spend my birthday with them. That way, they get early Christmas presents from me. Oh, and can I wish for a baby, too? Please?

3. The Versoza Inc. by Con: I’d like to have a simple Christmas party for all the children of our employees. Times were hard on our company this 2007, but still, the Christmas Spirit should not be overpowered by it. Christmas is about family. So our Christmas party should not be for employees only, but for their families as well. Also, I wish our clan would make it a tradition to have a Christmas gift giving project. My Tita Doi started it last year with the Antipolo church children. I am looking forward to this year

4. Jengspeaks by Jeng: Every Christmasmtime, our group Friends Empowered to Serve would solicit money, clothes, food, etc. to give to our chosen charities such as Anawim, PGH Chilrdren’s ward and the street children of Manila. This year, we hope to be able to give more and add the families along the pier in our list of recipients. We also want to give the children there a simple Christmas party with food, games and gifts.

5. life. love. family. work. travel: Christmas won’t be the same again for our family this year. my eldest sister and her family is migrating to the US. a few years ago, my elder sister migrated to holland with her two kids. my ate from holland might not come home this Christmas and would probably just spend Christmas with our ate in the US. i hope and i pray wherever we are, we will still feel the spirit of Christmas within our family. i also pray that my parents won’t get too much affected of this change. they’re already old and i’m afraid that loneliness might affect their health. i hope my brother and i and our own families could cheer them up in the coming days and could keep the usual happy Christmas spirit in our homes.

5. Me, Myself and I : I wish that I could donate something in a charity or for anyone who badly needs a help this year. And of course, WORLD PEACE!

6. In this Game of Life : I wish poverty will be alleviated to those who are suffering from it. I pray that kids all over the world, especially those who are supressed and abused to be spared from harm and sickness. And those who are affected of any wars will be spared from violence. We will continue with our yearly family tradition of spending time and our gifts to the babies and kids at Cribs Foundation.

7. Angel's Heaven: I wish I could sponsor a Mcdo party for the kids in Noah's Ark. I wish there will be no more orphans and all kids will be loved by their parents.

8. In Depth: It’s been a month now when my Dad experience a terrible pain in his shoulders and only to find out that his spondylitis recurs. One of my wish for this coming season is that my father may nurse back to health. Please include him in your prayers.

9.My Adventure Treasure Simple Living: I wish the hurricane will not hit houston this week or anywhere,my mother-in-law successful heart surgery next week,good health always for my love ones and hopefully the lawyer can help us my daughter will here with us soon

I want to share this Christmas Spirit to Ailyn, Ate Liz, & Ate Joy,

Monday, September 8, 2008

HAve you experience what I experience?

Im selling online.....what pissed me off is my customer? I know that customer is always right.I been selling for too long and I never experienced a customer like this...WHat will you do if you have a customer like this?....HE bid on my item,until the time ends.I send him and invoice after one day,no reply,I email him no response.So I wait for another 5 days no contact,emails or any sign....I have a patient on my customer but this guy pissed me off.HE bid another item....Im glad he did not win the bid.After 7 days,I report him on ebay...Reason given for Unpaid Item: The buyer has not paid for the item. Buyer actions reported by seller: The buyer has not responded.Maybe this buyer thought that I will mail the item eventhought I did not received the payment,but his wrong,I dont play that game..PAyment first before you can get yours. After an hour I report him to ebay he reply quickly.......he said:I'm Sorry for the delay, I was Busy the past week up to the Labor Day Holiday. Don't worry I will still purchase the said item. Is it ok if the payment will be transacted this Saturday (Sept 6, 2008)?Pls reply to this concern so i'll know your answer. Thanks and again I apologize.I told him sounds like your not interested,IM glad you did not win the second bid.....he keep email me everday since TUesday SEpt 2,.....Friday he paid........he email me and ask me when are you gonna mail the item....I already paid etc.....HEllo!!!!!!!!!!!!! he paid 5oclock in the afternoon and post office is already close......saturday he email me again ask the same thing......sunday...same thing ....and today monday.......same thing and the last thing he ask me is are you gonna give me a feedback??????...Im thinking if I gonna give him a positive is voluntary...........I never encounter a customer like this......I got irritate,but I said to myself "YOU NEED TO CONTROL" ha ha ha ha..IM a nice person but this guy keep bugging me everyday twice a day since he pay.......When I check his file this is his first time to bid on ebay......just registered two wks ago.......

GOt paid again

Yeheeyyyyyyyy,I got paid again today.I dont expect that I got paid from smorty .Also I got paid from digxa mini stores.Thanks

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thanks for another year.

Last friday was my birthday.Just dont ask me how old I am...IT's a top secret......ha ha ha....As long as I am good health always. I have a great, great birthday.......First of all I would like to thank GOD for all the blessings he bestow on us,to my family who is always there for me and to all my friends who greet me.You make my birthday complete.THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!!!

Thanks honey for the beautiful flowers,thanks to Mom FAye for the beautiful card,and to my family in the Philipines thanks for the cards and to my daughter thanks for the handmade card.I love you all.

to all September celebrants

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Avoid Identity Theft During a Disaster

Hurricanes,tornadoes,fires,earthquakes and man made disasters are frightening and they may also cause chaos and put a risk your personal security.Taking a few minutes today to create an action plan might help you avoid identity theft related situations.Be prepared to evacuate.Keep copies of birth certificates,drivers licenses,social security cards,death certificates,insurance papers and any other vital papers for eaach family member in a locked box. Place the box in your car only when you are ready to leave.
Keep the locked box in sight at all times even in a shelter.If necessary put the papers in a large plastic bag and tape them to your inner clothing.Few people want to leave computers behind.If you are time-crunched or limited in space,remove the hard drive and take that with you.Develop a plan of action in case the family are separated. You might want to designate a family member or friends in a different state as the contact person that you all will call. Usually phone liners are busy or down in loca disaster areas.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Treasured friend

Wow! what a surprise?Thank you so much Wheng for choosing me as one of your treasured friend.

I was so dissapointed

TOday Pete had a blood test for his Renal. A nurse should be on Pete's house on or before 8am because it's a fasting.Maybe your wondering why they took blood at home.THey have a home healthcare that do Pete's blood test and therapy.THe nurse should be there Monday but since it's holiday she told Alice she will be here today on or before 8am........8am,9am,10pm pass by no NUrse coming.And take note Pete dont eat yet his breakfast nor a single sip or water.So,I ask Alice maybe we could call the Nurse or the home healthcare.She said "NO" we will just wait.I told her it's not right!And honestly I dont like this last Nurse that always does Pete's blood.She looks like she always not on herself...looks like she's always floating.....,Im sorry if Im wrong but that's what I observe.Sometimes,when she come in she forgot the bottle where she supposed to draw Pete's blood or sometimes she forgot to put the papers and she alraedy sealed the envelop where she supposed to mail the blood to the lab.....So here it is she drive back to the clinic and get the bottle and comeback.I dont know.But Alice like her and she will not say anything from the home healthcare.Anyway,let's go back to Nurse.I could not resist,I call my hubby if he can call the direct RN supervisor from the home healthcare and ask him where is the Nurse?Is she coming today?Pete is starving to death!..... I could not call because ALice is with me and she just told me that she dont know the phone but I know she dont want me to call the main office...My husband have a cellphone number of Steve the RN Supervisor.....Im concern on Pete because it's already past 10am and he never eat nothing.NO calls from somebody,if the nUrse is coming today or not.And later on we heard from the supervisor....he said the Nurse took a blood already last friday. I ask Alice how come she know what kind of blood for she will draw since the paper is still here at home.THen the RN supervisor call again explain..... all kinds of reason ....... and tell alice that those Nurse are not paid to come in their house...hello! sounds that they just take advantage to Pete and ALice...I know they got messed up today and they will not admit it and tell the Webster that they are not paid to do that.They dont know thay last week we went to the lab and have Pete's blood work and the nurse told Alice that I would not draw blood to your husband becaus there is a home health care coming by in your house.I dont want you to pay twice.And now they told Alice they are not paid for!......huh! I was really dissapointed this morning.I told Alice that next time the supervisor come tell him we you need them since they could not service you.Anyway, we can drive them to the hospital to draw blood if they are acting like that.THis people dont care,beacuse this couple always say "YES" whatever they say which is not right! for me.....all the convincing power..........................Pete and Alice had a first stage of alzheimer and I dont like this people take advantage to themThey are like Mom and Dad to us..Is it wrong if I act like this!......HOpe that Nurse realize what she did to the old man (Pete) this morning.Andthis afternoon Alice call me and inform me that THE RENAL OFFICE dont receive any result for the blood....huh!I dont know......It's up to Pete and Alice if they will continue the home healthcare.I understand that these people (healthcare) are busy but be sure to do there job right....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just when you thought

Just when you thought all the good ideas were taken!

Have fun.....