Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learning to listen

Are you a good listener? Or are you all mouth and no ears? Here's a way to test whether you are truly listening. Ask your self these you interrupt people before they finish what they have to say? Do you change the subject constantly? If you replied yes to both of these questions,then you are not really listening!..... You owe it to the people you care about to give them your utmost attention when they need you. Because you want them to do the same for you, right? Everybody needs to take turns and listen up.And remember, you can only learn when you listen.

Say Thanks...

My hubby is not yet home,so here I am busy checking my blog.I check smorty this evening and I found out I have two task.Im so happy.It's been a week that I dont have any task from smorty.Thanks smorty.Just last monday I received my first payment and today I have two task.Oh well, I can grab it now.

Shopping Cart Software

I want to set up an online store also want to enhance my selling style to attract more customers.I search online and I find Ashop commerce where you can use shopping cart software. Shopping cart software is common now a days specially those people who dont have time to go shopping at the mall.Shopping online is no hassle and so easy.Ashop commerce is the leading US provider of hosted shopping cart software. A shopping cart is a software that usually runs on our computer where our web site is located and our customer could search for our product in our online store also they could put there selected product in the basket and place there order. This is easy for the seller and the buyer.You can also customize your own shopping cart.HOpefully one of these day I could start my store online and I will use ecommerce software. Ashop commerce help you build your store. A friend of mine told me that she use it and it really works.This website accept all kinds of credit card.So what are you waiting now,feel free visit the site and enjoy.

Monday, April 28, 2008

MAke it Worth the Wait

did you ever try to count up all the time you spend waiting in lines? There's the line in the cafeteria, the line at the movie ticket booth, the line at the checkout counter at the record store......well, you get the picture. Waiting in the line can get pretty frustrating particularly if you're spending your waiting time thinking about all the things you need to do after you get to the front of the line.So dont think about them. Spend your line time trying one of these.Place your palms together and push them against each other as hard as you can. It will build your muscle.Imagine what all the people in line looked like as babies.You'll laugh your way up the line.Imagine that you are a movie star stopping to pose for the paparazzi. Just keep those smiles and waves imaginary,too. Unless you want people to stare at you!

Somebody Needs Help

Yesterday afternoon the Preacher call to my husband. A mother call to the church crying... She needs some help.Her kids are one of our Bus kids on Sunday. They dont have food,no electricity etc. But the church could not give money except gas and food.It's sunday and the secretary is not in the office.My husband and the preacher are one of those who handle benevolence fund, but their ATM card is still in the bank. So, my husband let the kids Mom meet us in the grocery store. We let them know that they can get grocery $50 worth.You know why because she had four kids. We use our money from our pocket.This is not only once happen in the church but many times that's why they have funds for those who need help.

Payment from Smorty

Im so happy this morning when I open my email.You know why? Because I've got paid from Smorty.I spent my time on blog when I have free time so here I am I've got my first payment.Just by sitting at the computer you will earn with every opinion post. You you guys dont hesitate to sign-up and get paid for blogging to Smorty.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

4 Things About Me

Thanks Ate Joy for sharing this. This is fun! fun! fun! for those people wants to know more about me.

4 Jobs in my life

  1. Quality Control
  2. Sales Underwriter
  3. Admin.Office
  4. Fulltime Housewife

4 Shows I’d DVR(Tivo)

  1. Travel Channel
  2. 24
  3. Charmed
  4. GMA Pinoy
4 Places I’ve Been
  1. Alabama
  2. Illinois
  3. Kentucky
  4. Tenessee

4 Favorite Foods

  1. All kinds of Pasta
  2. Filipino Food
  3. Mexican Food
  4. Chinese Food

Im passing this to Nora. Marilyn, Petra & Wheng

Friday, April 25, 2008

The sun will come up tomorrow

Okay , so it's bedtime and you realize that this has been without a doubt, the absolute worst day of your life.Oh, well. Some days are like that. The key is to leave today in the past and remember that tomorrow is a brand new day. Think of that new day as a clean sheet of paper. Only you can decide what is written on that empty page. It's up to you to scribble down words that are dismal and dull or bright and happy. Do yourself a favor. Leave the clouds to Mother Nature. Fill all of your tomorrows with as much sunshine as you can. Goodnight!

It's only A Thing

We all form attachments to objects. Sometimes there's a sentimental value attached to items that makes them worth much more than their actual dollar value. What we're attached to is not the object but the emotion behind it. And nobody can lose or destroy that. And if it's the object itself you are attached to, just imagine breaking or ruining it yourself instead of your friend. WOuld you feel more forgiving? Remember objects can always be replaced. Friendships cant!

Fast Weight Loss

Most of us want to loss weight and Im one of them. I been checking online about fast weight loss. I try some other diet strategy but it dont work. I been looking online. I found many websites and caught my attention. New Lifestyle diet products is not expensive its affordable in our pocket. What you can do to optimize immune function?Exercise and stress reduction help. But recent evidence suggest that the most important contributor to immune function is fast weight loss new lifestyle diet. So,I will try one of these days the new life style diet. So, if you want fast weight loss check it now.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Play mind Games

It's one thing to stand up for what you believe in........It's another to feel that what you believe in is always right. That kind of rigid thinking blocks your ability to learn and grow as a human being. And when your growth is stunted, you fell stress.

So learn to bend. consider other people's ideas as well as your own. You don't have to give up your belief system. Just acknowledge that there are other opinions out there.And accept that people have different life experiences that enable them to see things differently than you do. WHen a new idea intrigues you, go out and learn about it. Hit the library, or call up a few categories on the internet. If you find something really fascinating, spread the word. Have discussion with your friends.YOu'll be able to learn a lot.

Red Rose for LAdies

Thanks Ate Joy for the red rose.
I do really appreciate.

Red rose has number of thorns in it,
when it pint your fingers it hurts.
Everyday in my life is just like red roses.
Sometimes life is not always bed of roses,
but life is great with GOD.
Now, it's my turn to share this red rose.
Im passing this to

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rise and Shine

Let's face it.Morning is not exactly the most relaxed time of the day. If you're like most kids, getting ready for school is more like a mad dash thrugh an obstacle course. You have to grab your books, wolf down your breakfast, and get out the door avoiding arguments with your parents and siblings along the way. The best approach to getting through the morning rush is to prepare the night before. Pack up your lunch and put ii in tyhe refrigerator. Leave your backpack by the front door. Lay your clothes before you go to sleep. I always do this before when I was in high school and college. Finally, set your alarm clock for a half hour earlier tahn you normally get up.

You be surprised how much you can get done in the extra half hour. You may even find a few more minutes to practice for your piano lessons before school! (That will give you time in the evening to watch that new show you been dying to check out). when your morning starts out smoothly, the rest of the day is sure to follows! and it's true.

Yellow Book Coupons

Im a coupon savers.Im looking for a dentist last week and I found a coupon.From where? from the yellow book coupons. I dont realize that there is a coupon at the end of the pages. So, I went to the dentist this afternoon for prophylaxis and also I want the dentist to check my upper jacket I dont know what they called here in U.S but they called it jacket in the Philippines.I use this since high school until now. And I want the dentist if he can pull and clean it inside but he scared if he will do it he brook the false teeth.HE recommend to have and x-ray and he will suggest what is the best thing to do on my jacket. So he suggest to put crowns. When I was in the PHilippines, the dentist always pull it everytime she did general cleaning. Anyway the dentist did a good job for cleaning my teeth and I pay half price for my prophylaxis and x-ray by using the coupon.Hopefully when he does my two crowns he will also give me a half price.Thanks to dorsey dental.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Make Every day Thanksgiving Day

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you are the sorriest person in the world? A day when it seems like everyone else has an easy life and yours is the pits? Well believe it or not thats the perfect time to give thanks! when you feel you lowest, that's the time to make a list of all things in your life that you are thankful for. You can list the big things, such as family, friends,your dog and having a roof over your head. But you shouldnalso list the little things that make life worth living, like the fact that your mom makes the most amazing strawberry French toast, taht your dad loves playing one on one basketball with you on Saturdays and that your little sister has ballet class after school so you'll get to listen to your music for a change. Once you see how many wonderful things you have to be grateful for, you'll realize that your life is prtty after all.

Home Buffet Proffesional

My Aunt cooks really good.When she retired she does caterings.And it's a good business in the Philippines specially that Filipino loves to eat.The first thing that I always notice is the table arrangement and of course the food.To give your home buffet a more proffesional look, create the dramatic tiered look of the grand hotel buffet. It is simple to do at home. Simply spread a tablecloth over your table as usual. then place a stack of one or two telephone books, or an overtuneed bowl, or even an empty milk crate, on the table surface. Cover the riser with another samll cloth and use taht surface as the focal point of the buffet. You might place a food platter a still life of fruits and vegetables or a tumbled basket of pretty breads and crackers on the raised surface.TO give your buffet table that sophisticated catered look,place single blossoms and leaves here and there among the food platters on your table. Dont use a boquet of flowers in a vase or centerpiece. The free form scattering of flowers will make your table setting look lavish and extravagant for the same cost.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today the Old River Terrace United Methodist Church Celebrates "FRAN DAY". Meaning FRiends, Relatives, Associates and Neighbours. The church invite their FRAN to attend the sunday service and have a meal.It's a great Sunday. The Church have to many visitors. After the service the Luncheon follow at the Fellowship Hall. The ORT loves to eat.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Let Colors Affect Your Mood

What is your favorite color?Me, Im a pink addict but they said Watery blues and fresh greens can help you relax after tiring day. Warm tones, such as reds, oranges and yellows can help get you up and going. Use different colors in different parts of your home, to help create moods you want.Cool colors where you want to relax such as a bedroom....warm ones where you want a feeling of high energy such as the kitchen.

Get YOurself Out of a BAd Mood

There are time that we are in bad mood.We are just human! BAd moods magnify trivial annoyances and dampen enjoyment. There are some quick fix tactics to restore emotional equilibrium. Like "EAT SOME CHOCOLATE".It prompts the release of serotonin the brains natural chemical upper. Eat slowly, savoring the sweetness and texture. Limit yourself to two pieces a chocolate binge will only make you feel worse later.Another is "SHIFT THE FOCUS AWAY FROM YOUR BAD MOOD" by doing something for others like send a funny card to a volunteer works."CONTACT SOMEONE WHO MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD".Simply ask that person to help you cheer up or bask in the glow of his/her positive outlook. Just being around a child for instance may awaken your own natural joy and enable you to regain your perspective.In case you can't reach anyone, keep a photo of a loved one nearby.The important is avois people who bring yo down.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


make money is not easy but there is a way to earn quick by checking payperpost.Im so happy today because after three months of blogging my blog finally approved. What a great day?I been denied many times but I never lost hope. All you need is to be patient.There is a valid reason why you been denied at first. If you want to earn and make money better hurry and check payperpost .I believe that payperpost is the fastiest way get paid to blog . You dont have to strike it rich on a TV game show to become a millionaire.Just sit in the computer and earn.I heard from other co-bloggers about PPP and I was convinced to sign up. I did not waste my time and I did. I want to earn too like them. It's an easy way just grab opportunities and promote their sites. It's a big help for them not only for me.Thanks to payperpost for these great opportunity.Once I earn I'll save it or probably I can send money to the Philippines for my family and help out our monthly bills. What are you waiting for check payperpost and make money.

STretch Marks Fade

Do you have problem on your stretch mark? Well, I do. STretch mark can be faded by massaging the skin around them. These scars result from major weight changes or hormonal shifts during and after pregnancy. elevated hormones levels seem to damage collagen a fibrous protein found in skin. Massaging healthy skin near stretch mark pushes collagen into their borders, helping to fill in the scars. It also stimulates collagen synthesis. Exercise, which improves muscle tone and lowers body fat.

Dangerous Blood Clots

You have probably heard that passengers on long flights may develop dangerous blood clots. Yes, it's true. When my husband went to the Philippines his Doctor worry on him because he had a heart problem and it may cause blood clots.Love can move mountains.With GOd Helps he arrived safely.What you may not realize is that people who take day trips in cars or trains may also be at risk. ANy form of travel longer than four hours increases one's chances for deep vein thrombosis. I dont have an idea about this " Blood clot " but when I arrived here our Doctor explain this to me. We always go to Alabama 2-3times a yr and it takes 12 hrs from here to there.Blood clots in the legs can be deadly when they break away and travel to the lungs, heart or brain. To counteract periods of immobility while traveling, plan to take hourly walks and do exercise to contract your calf muscles. Avoiding sedatives and alcohol is important too. Treatment is most effective when DVT is detected early. Symptoms include calf pain or cramps and swelling of the leg.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Running Free

Is your dog ready to play with others without a leash?One of best things to happen to dogs and those who love them is the growth in popularity of off-leash recreation areas nationwide. As open spaces dwindle and property value make the large suburban backyard a thing of the past, these dog parks have emerged as a way to provide what most dogs desperately need.More exercise! Sedentary dogs develop health issues such as obesity and behaviour problems that are worsened by excess energy and boredom such as digging, barking destructive chewing and the cattch all complaint of dog lovers everywhere. Dog parks make dogs tired and a tired dog is happy, good dog.The biggest problem with dog parks is not the dog but the people.Some od those problems are caused by people who know better but other conflicts could easily be prevented with a little knowledge and foresight on the part of dog owners who truly dont know better. dog parks work only when people work at them. If park problems become more the rule than the exception the trend will reverse and the dog park will disappear. Be responsible for your dog and help to keep the drive for more dog parks alive.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Goodbye Lucy

That's ALice and her two pets the cat name TOM and the poodle name Lucy.I always call her Aunt Lucy because that's my Aunt Name. IT's Monday and back to work with the Webster. And I miss Lucy. She's In Florida now.Alice decided to let her daughter take care of Lucy.You know why? because they always argue with her husband about Lucy and make her day horrible.We found Lucy in krogers two months ago in krogers rooming around.In short Alice husband Pete decided he wants that dog.So, we take it home,go to the Vet.,have a grooming and treat like a human. and I was fell in love the dog.She is so cute and smart.And one day Pete told alice that Lucy is useless.But anyway,Pete just got mad because TOm which is the King in their home before got jealous with Lucy.ANd sometimes Alice attention is on Lucy.I could not blame ALice that dog is so smart.We are just wondering why Pete dont like lucy since his the one who insist he wants that dog.Alice was really attached with Lucy even me.We always play, sit on my lap and scrub her back..So last thursday her daughter visit them from Florida and bring Lucy home.So, Im hoping that will not argue no more about Lucy. But me and Alice really miss lucy, for good,just let her go and we know Lucy have a good home in Florida.Her daughter said she will send us a picture of Lucy with her other male poodle.Maybe your wondering why I didnt suiggest to take care of Lucy.Im sorry I love dogs but I dont like inside our house.Lucy is a well trained dog.We mss you Lucy...Goodbye Lucy, see you in Tampa Florida.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Larry's Old Time Trade days

We just come home from Winnie,Tx. and we are really tired.We sale at Larry's Old Trade Days since thursday to sunday and we sale pretty good. We have a great weekend.We never been there eversince and I was really impressed.It's the biggest flea market I ever seen. It's takes a day before you can finish the whole tour. Everything you need is there if you worry about food it's there too.RV Park is also available.The rent is quite high but it's worth it.Larry's Old Trade Days open only once a month. We really dont sale on Sunday but at this time we try also they have a mass service there in the morning. We met vendors all over from United States.It's fun! If you are looking for a good place to sale I recommend you at Larry's Old Trade Days is a good place for you.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Out of Town

We will be out of town today. we are leaving this afternoon.So, I have to go now.See ya'll on sunday

Teaching your kids about money.

I have a daughter and always tell her that we are not rich. Tell kids about family finances in age-appropriate ways. Around age five, children can understand taht the family must earn money to buy what we needs. Try grocery shopping wuth kids, expalining the budget for that trip, then showing them how you use the money. By age eight or nine, most children can understand taht spending involves prioritizing. try lining up 100 pennies, saying they represent your monthly family income and showing how much goes for fixed costs like mortgage and food and how much is left for other things.

Wine ...good for the eyes

I never drink hard liqour in my whole life nor a sip of beer.But dont you know that drinking wine helps prevent macular degeneration. People who had as few as two glasses of red or white wine per year have their risk of developing this potentially blinding eye disease. Wine contains phenols, anti-oxidants believed to prevent retinal damage.Also dont smoke, control your blood pressure and limit your intake or saturated fats.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Save Money

Money!, it takes so long to earn it and so little time to spend it. Sometimes we don't even know where it went.Isn't that right! But it doesnt have to be that way.With planning, the wise use of credit card a few money saving techniques, negotiating savy and well honed sale seeking skills. We can all get more value for our dollar. We can stretch that dollar by using coupons and credit wisely. Phone calls (comparison shopping by phone)may take a few minutes but they can save you hundred of dollars on major purchases. We can keep more of the dollars we earn by maximizing our tax deduction and we can double or triple our money, over the long term by making investment that pay off.MOney has a way of dissapearing out of our wallets. Most people waste their money because of poor spending practices. To avoid that recognize where you're spending it by keeping receipts over a m onth long period. If your money is not going into savings it's going somewhere. How about you? How do you save and spend your money?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Junk Mail take the envelope please

Everyday I got junk mail from our mail box. Sometimes, Im just wasting my gas checking my mails with junk mail only. We been keep telling the post office everytime we renew our mail box not to put junk mails in our box but still there. The best way to stop the junk mail you dont want is by using the no postage necessary envelope usually found within the junk mail packet. Cut out your name and address label and send it back in that envelope along with a note saying " Please take me off your mailing list"

Sell Online

I never been shopping online.It's not that I dont trust the companies but Im so picky when it comes to clothes. Until one day I search online store. Im planning to give something for my mother-in-law this coming Mother's Day and I found out Ashop Commerce shopping cart and it catches on my eyes.I never heard this before and Im not familiar on this. I read the homepage and I found out that it's good if you are selling online like ebay and craiglist.Also its the largest Shopping Cart Software in the world. They dont declined businesses no matter it's small or not instead they will help you to be successful. At the same time it's also an online store. You dont need to install software and you dont have to be proffesional enough. ecommerce software will help you build your online store.The fees are affordable. Im planning to have an online store.If you are planning to have a successful online store try it now.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thanks to Smorty

Wow! What a great Monday. Ive got approved by Smorty.Finally I get paid to blog through advertise on blogs. Isn't that wonderful. Thanks smorty you make my day really good. I been addicted those advertisement saying you will earn through reading advertisement but sad to say until now I havent received a single dime.One of them is hits4pay I met the quota but until now never been paid.Until one of my friend convince me on blog.Last night I visit smorty and submit my blog.Thanks to Ate Joy for always reminding and pushing me to submit my blog for money at smorty.I been hoping and wishing that one day I'll be one of those blogger who get paid for blogging. Blog for money is an opportunity for us bloggers and at the same time we can help the advertisers.I heard some of my friends that they earn bucks in blogging at smorty through grabing opportunities. Grab an opportunities from smorty thorugh advertisers and write an idea or opinion.This is the way that we bloggers can convince the people.The bloggers get paid to blog by grabing those advertisers. How about you do you want to earnjust sitting in the computer,check it out now.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Sunday

It's Sunday! I check my ebay early this morning before going to church. And thanks GOd I sold one item. I set a goal for myself. What is that goal? To sell one or more item in ebay every month.Im hoping to get some more sales this month.

At ORT Methodist Church the service was too long today because they have a baptism, join the church (new member )and communion. It's almost 1pm.Maybe your wondering why I mention "COMMUNION", some methodist church have only one communion it's every first sunday of the month not like us roman Catholic every sunday or everyday.Any how? I was hungry as in starving to death,ha ha. So, my husband and I plan to eat at MExican or Chinese Food but my hubby jump on me that we just eat Chinese Food last tuesday" can we eat mexican food there's a new Mexican Resto near in wal-mart since you are planning to buy grocery".I said Alright! you won!..So we went in IGUANA JOE'S.I never been in Iguana nor once.IGUANA JOE'S just open last week in our place where we live. I always order FAJITA BEEF no beans, double rice,ha ha ha.ANd you know what? I been in many Mexican resto but the FAJITA at Iguana Joe's is the best ever.No kidding! To Iguana Joe's your FAJITA is the best!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Flea Market

Do you know what is a flea market? It's not a flea dog! ha ha.Maybe some of you know what is it? Flea market is a place where vendors come to sell or trade their goods, majority they are second-hand.

Wen I was in the Philippines my husband always mention to me about flea market.I dont know what is it?Until one day I ask him could you send me a picture what a flea market is? Im talking about divisoria,quaipo,baclaran.He been in that business for too long.Since he retired and give up his Antique Resale Shop for almost 7 years due to his second heart attack he still miss selling. Speaking of selling my husband could sale anything.He had a huge PR.When it comes convincing people he could do it without any hesitation as long as he is right.Im not bragging but it's true.

Anyway, it's been too long that we never go to flea market.My husband been busy since last year.He was busy at the church for the FALL FESTIVAL BAZAAR and the weather is cold. We always go at Old Security Flea Market at Conroe an hour an a half from where we leave.First time I went to flea market my husband thought that I'll be bored,but you know what? I love selling and I enjoy it.We have our sari-sari store,and fiesta is my favorite you know why because a lot of sales because of the balikbayans.By the way, we are thinking today if we will try at Winnie Flea MArket,it's been a while. I never been there,it'a almost near in Beaumont.Im excited if we really go there next week.YOu know why? because sometimes I met some Filipino,some are friendly and some are snobish ha ha..It's alright! as long as Im proud to be Filipino. Well, since Im talking ablout selling if you have too many junk at home you could also sell at flea market most of them are Mexican they bought second hand and it's fun! My husband and I dont take it serious.We are having fun.If we sell good it's better if we not it's better too.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Travelers Tricks for Airplane ears

You know the feeling. The plane takes off, and almost immediately your ears start hurting.What to do? Swallow, yawn, or chew gum from takeoffuntil the plane reaches cruising altitude or for more severe pain, pinch your nostrils closed and gently attempt to exhale through yur nose with your mouth closed. The pain of airplanes ears develops because aircraft cabins are presurized to the altitude equivalent of 8,000 ft.,where the air is considerably thinner than it is at sea level. This thinner air does not exert as much pressure on the eardrum outward, causing ear pain. All the techniques for dealing with airplane ears equalize the pressure on both sides of the eardrum by opening the tiny tube that allows the air into the area behind the eardrum.If airplane ears a real problem try taking an over the counter decongestant about a half hour before flying. Decongestant also help open the tube that equalizes air pressure in the ear.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Insurance Savy

I work in the Insurance Company(Philippine American Life Insurance co.) as an Admin Officer for 5 years. First I dont have an idea what good benefits you can get from Insurance but if you really know what is the benefit of having an Insurance,Im sure you will choose many life insurance.Some dont believe on Insurance specially our own friend in the Philippines. If I have enough money to pay Insurance I will buy many life Insurance Coverage.Good for your loved ones,(you could not tell)although premium is too high specially if you get the big face amount.Claiming no problem as long as the requirement is there (base on my experience)and you can loan on your own policy if you need it as soon as your policy have a CASh Value usually it takes 3 yrs base on my experience but I dont know with some other Insurance company. When most people set out to buy life insurance, they choose either a term or cash value policy but policy choices and strategies are much, much, more diverse today.For me, I choose Life Insurance....Buying both types of policies for term and cash value is ideal when an individual or family wants a large amount of coverage and the savings benefit of cash value policy but can afford the high premiums specially here in UNited States.Life insurance can protect heirs in the event of death of the breadwinner and can help them pay estate tax.Policy Illustration that are not guaranteed and that do not clearly indicate premiums may rise or death benefits may lapsed early.Compare what each insurance policy is willing to guarantee contractually.


Living, Breathing and exposed your skin is the packaging that holds you together. every human body is handily covered about two square yards of skin. In fact the skin is our largest organ and it serves a multitude of puposes. It safeguards your internal organs, and it's the all in one container that holds in all your precious bodily fluids but skin has a lot more responsibility than keeping your parts in place.Whether we like it or not, we are often judged by how our skin looks to others.Our skin needs to be pampered, soothed and cared for to keep us looking our best.Of course, there are other elements to us that meets the eye of the beholder. What are the real ramifications of beauty? For me, the total look is actually a great combination of how we look plus how we feel.

Underarm Lesson

If you want maximum protection from an underarm product, choose an antiperspirant. If you're concerned with odor, choose a deodorant. Odor is caused by the bacteria that feed on chemical components in underarm sweat. A deodorant works by controlling the population of that bacteria and does not help control wetness. An antiperspirant helps control both odor and wetness. The active ingredient in an antiperspirant is aluminum a mineral that does a lot more than just control bacteria. Aluminum travels to sweat glands, where it reacts to obstruct the flow of perpiration.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Country Living

Life in the country is certainly different from life in the city, although the two are certainly intertwined. In the Philippines,just like your living in the province. Fax machines, computer modems and overnight express mail link one population to the other and the old stereo types of rural folk as backward and less educated is getting a long overdue revision. By it's nature what most separates rural living from urban living is land. In the country, folks commonly live in close contact with a landscape. In the cities, people have less chance to experience trees, crops and the vagaries of weather. country living is most often shared with other creatures too domesticated farm animal, household pets and wildlife of all kinds. Residing in a rural neighboorhood requires a respect for animanl life and an appreciation for the ecology of living things.It's all interconnected, because there are fewer public utilities and government serices in the country, ruralpeople are forced to be more self-reliant than their urban cousins. They may service their own machinery, grow their own vegetables or find alternative sources of energy when the need arises. It's a special way of life, to be sure and not mean for eveyone but for those with an affinity for nature and a sense of indepenence the rewards can be great.