Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Should A Christian Drink?

Should a Christian drink alcoholic beverage? The answer sure is "NO". There are a lot of things they shouldn't do. I will list some as I go. We should have charity for alcoholics.We dont know why they turned to drink. There may be some reason why they try to drown their troubles. MOre than we Christians think.There are so many kind ofdrinkers.Some are just once in a while.Some are born in drinking homes,then for others it's the style.But alcohol is very bad indeed, no matter how it used.For it's the devil's worshop and in the end they're bound to lose.Still alcohol is here to stay.There isnt much that we can do.And ask the GOd to see them through.

There are a lot of things that Christians shouldnt do.Especially to excess.Like eating and pleasures and even in their dress.I dont think a Christian should ever touch a drop.For if we ever start to drink,we just want more and more.Remember what Solomon said,in Proverbs 23.Look not upon the wine when it is red,it will be a curse to thee. Yes it is against all Bible teachings. We are warned by Christ and Paul.and in many other places in GOd's word I cant remember all. Still we should help our fellow man,if he falls,lets help him up.Christians should be very kind to folks.They cant refuse the cup.For it CHrist comes in their life.It's beautiful to see,for by HIs great celestial power,from drink they will be free.

So a christian should be careful,in the kind of life he leads.Be to others an example,for that may be the help they need. For the church hearthrob of our nation.Without the church our land would fall.God might let some power destroy it.Then freedoms gone beyond recall.so lets not destroy the church with liquor,it should be a house of prayer.The church is our God's temple.So lets show hm we really care.Alcohol should never enter through GOd's church sacred door.It's the evil clothed in scarlet and corruption nothing more.A christian should be temperate in all things from day to day.