Saturday, April 25, 2009

Process New Philippine Passport in Los Angeles

My Philippine passport expired last Sept 2008.HOnestly, IM not worry at that time because we dont have plans to visit the Philippines. One day, we talk to our lawyer how to get quick my daughter/my sister.Maybe you are wondering why I say my daughter/my sister.And it's true.I will explain in my blog oneday.So, the lawyer told us the quickest is to hire a lawyer in the Philippines and adopt there.So, to make the story short we need to travel in the Philippines by MAy 2009.My problem is my passport expired last Sept 2008 So, by Sept I keep calling the Los ANgeles when is there next consulate outreach here in houston,Texas.They said after six months.Im worried,I check their website everyday and at the same time I email them..... that there are to many Filipino here in houston that needs to renew there passport.They reply my letter an said as of know they dont have a budget.If you are saying I AM DESPERATE!....Yes I am...... I never lost hope,but I did ha ha ....I keep praying and checking their website hoping one day they will come over here.Jan 2009 comes no consular outreach.....First wk of February....then finally half of February 2009 they post in their webiste regarding a CONSULAR OUTREACH in Houston. So, I did not waste my time I fax the requirements on that day and on that same day I got a schedule.It's April 12, @ 10am.

The filling is not hassle......but on that day it's a mess and a little bit organize.You know why? because there are to many Filipinos in that small food court in Houston.MAybe more than a thousand.It was fun to see all your kababayan....And take note the CONsular Outreach was at the FILIPINO FOOD COURT.

Passport File - March 12, 2009 Los ANgeles Consulate
Passport Received - April 23, 2009 (exact 6 wks)

They are also planning to open a Philippine Consulate here in HOUSTON.We are hoping that the petition will be approved soon due to a large Filipino Community here....

I would like to send my thanks TO the Los Angeles Philippine Cosulate...