Monday, May 4, 2009

Cheap Shorts at Burke's Outlet

HUbby want's a new pair of short. He is not to picky like me so I went to Burke's Outlet.IT's just half mile where we live. I pick 2 shorts and it cost $22 each. I pay in the cashier.The cashier said it's 139.....I was schock!I said to her what?.she reply "Yeah it's $1.39.".........I told her is it really, Im not a senior citizen??????...Burkes Outlet have this so called MOnday CLub for 50 yrs old and above 10% off and Friday for 40 yrs old below.Anway,she said the shorts is on sale.When she hand me the receipt's It's says 95% off.....they almost given it away...ha ha ha ha ........Do you know how much I pay for a pair of shorts It's .65cents each pair of the shorts.Could you believe that? I never bought a pair of short that cheap.... The shorts that I bought for hubby is not ugly.It's St.PAtrick Brand that you can buy in Jeccy Penney for $35.I tell you what GOD IS GOOD.He knows that we have a trip coming to the Philippines.