Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation in the Philippines

After three weeks vacation in the Philippines Im back. I miss my family.I wish I could stay longer.We have a good and bad vacation. We have a big purpose why we come home last May.We are attending an ADOPTION COURT HEARING for my daughter last May 28, 2009. The bad one is during the hearing day the Judge ask our lawyer if how many times did he publish the adoption.He said he did not for the reason that the publishing company was closed and when he transfer to another publishing they will ot accept. I was pist off at that moment.W e spend thousand of dollars for this hearing and that's what we heard.What makes me mad is on that day that we arrived from US we visit our lawyer many times ask some possible question might the Judge ask on us but he never mention any! any about the publishing.What and idiot lawyer? Maybe this people thinks that "nakahiga kami sa pera dito sa US".MY husband was so dissapointed,mad etc. So the Judge told him that your reason is not void.I will RESET the case.God! we are here to get our daughter soon.For this simple publishing we could not bring her back. The explain but it's too late.We paid him everything,even for the adoption publishing.He dont care,he never call us or nothing.Or even say sorry.IN short "GIKWARTAHAN RA MI".LAMI KAAYO TUK-ON OI. Some says there is a reason why it happened. I hope so.Hubby was shock mad for an hour.He could not believe what the lawyer done to us."NAA UNTA CoNSCIENCE AMO LAWYER PERO LA JUD.

The good one is hubby and my daughter had a good bonding at this time.We stay in the resort for 3 wks.We visit our folks and have a an island tour. Im hoping that one day my daughter will be with us soon.