Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cute enough to save

IM surfing on the net ths morning and I seen a lot of endangered species. I pick two of them which is for me. Also I seen this in the newspaper today.This are the few species that might be considered homely or obscure and are removed from the endangered species list.I have been in to many museum but I never seen this.....
Hoover's Woolly-Star

This one they called HOOVER'S WOOLLY-STAR. No longer endangered or threatened. This california herb is a rare ugly.It was listed as threatened but was removed from the list after the biologist found more plants than were previously known and after land was set aside to protect it.Attwater's Prairie Chicken

This is the Attwater's Prairie Chicken. This bird which can look like a grouse with a goiter has seen most of its habitat along the Texas and Lousiana coast dissapear as farms and suburbs moved in. Now there are just a few dozen left and the population survives only because of human help.The bird is bred in captivity.Scientist say they fear that many species such as this will never be fully recovered.They will always need people to survive.

Call me an ignorant, yes I am !Maybe I already seen the Hoover's Woolly-Star but I did not pay attention on those or maybe some of you already seen this...