Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I miss?

What I miss? I missed my family in the Philippines specially it's Christmas.Although,Im happily married with Marlen.....I could not ask for more but being far away from your family is different.Christmas is the most holiday that I missed.Specially before christmas.Like everybody is excited because everybody is coming home to celebrate the christmas and new year.Each of us busy thinking what to cook for christmas eve and of course busy wrapping gifts for everybody.We dont ask what we want,we are just thankful what people gave us and that's a big THANK YOU.No matter how small or big it is the important is LOVE and SHARING is in the spirit of christmas.I remember the days when MAma Ge always ask us what to cook for christmas dinner and if our gifts are ready for that night.It's already a tradition that I also brought here in the US....Even a one piece of candy is already a gift for us and we are happy for that.MERRY CHRISTMAS to all...