Thursday, August 26, 2010

Direct Tv Sattelite

I live in Houston for a couple of years and since we dont own a house we always move. Meaning everything will start from the begginning including our cable. So our friend of ours recommend us the never heard this before but our friend say it's good. So we call the Direct TV to install us a Direct Tv Sattelite. They schedule us the time.That day they install the sattelite very quick. Also you can have two receivers.Be perfect for your living room and bedroom.The thing that I like most in Direct TV sattelite is they have a good deal. I like the music channel.That's my favorite.Beside the music you can also get a package of the International Channel.I subscribe a filipino channel.And it's just a phone call and here it is. That quick. The also have a good reception. Thta's why to those who are planning to have a cable at home I will recommend you the what are you waiting now,go check the Direct TV sattelite and make your home like a theater movie.