Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Reunion

I been here in the US for 5 yrs.And my husband mother's side they always have a great,wonderful family reunion every year. Family Reunion is very common for us but their reunion is a 3 days reunion.I'm blessed that Im part of it.Why? because they welcome me as who am I and show that I been part of the family for a long long time.That's what I like and we dont missed the reunion no matter how broke we are. Some them drive for a long mile like from california to alabama just to be with the reunion.

The first night is the dinner w/ all the family.It always starts on thursday night to Sunday morning.Friday is the day that we would be at the Girl Scout Camp to stay night until sunday some dont.BUt we always stay and sleep at the camp because it's fun and more time to talk and share with family that you will only met once a year. It's a nice place,quite and you can see more deer in the camp.Friday night is the game night till morning.It's fun.Then Saturday morning is the swimming in the pool,lunch with the family.And after lunch is the most exciting part the Silent and Live Auction. This is how we use funds for the rent and the food.After the auction is the canoing,swimming again while some just stay at the camp talking with the families while listening the family band. They are very talented.Saturday night is the game night again some are leaving and back to their own home while we stay until Sunday morning.Sunday morning is the "Oh what a beautiful morning" wake up call for those people who are still sleeping ha ha ha ha ha.After breakfast,there is a short sunday service lead by a Pastor through a family member then after that is the cleaning and check out the camp. It's another year again.It was worth it driving from Alabama going home.

So, family reunion is very important. I wish that my family in the Philippines will always do this every year. Like my family here in the states.