Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Jobs,No Interviews

Jobs here in United States.I went to a Staffing Agency or a Temp. Place last MArch. Luckily I got a job after 3 days but sad to say after 3 days the job was gone.Why? Because the women that Im replacing too come back. That's sad.It broke my heart because I thought this is it!.By April I got an interview in the oil company.I like it but I dont like it.First it's too far where I live .It took 1 hr less traffic.Anyway, I dont have a call back if I got the job.Then by end of MAy the templace call that I got a job. When I work for 3 days at the company this told that they dont need me anymore.They will just call me if they need help.Where are the jobs right now? Applying on line? It sucks! I think they never check it or read. A friend of mine submit a thousand of application online but even a one call she aint receive a call.Are online application are real? Because I do myself did it too. There are some place if you call them,they will just tell you that they dont entertain follow-up on the phone.They will just call you if you are hired. When? Do they look on those application submitted online?Is it right? Everybody needs a job.Economy been bad.People are starving,dont have a place to live.Give this people a chance to work. We need to help everybody.People post jobs online but no response.Can do they reply these people even a single note "IM SORRY WE DONT HIRE ANYMORE" so we the people know that you got our application.