Friday, January 25, 2008

A friend is a gift you give yourself

One who views the world with a similar vision. One will give you a good listening too. There is nothing more wonderful than to be heard. Despite what is happening in our busy world you can count on a friend to "be there for you". Knowing you will never be abandoned or left alone to face the harsh realities of our world on your own. Having a friend that HUGS YOU and means it. A hug that transfers the caring, compassion and vitality that can exist between two people. Sometimes, when a hug is not enough, when you are in your darkest hours a friend that will hold you and reassure your importance. A friend is respectful of others and their relationships, who is also able to be honest with themselves. Honesty, dignity, respect, and trust are integral parts of any friendship. Being able to share your deepest darkest fears along with your hopes and dreams. All with complete faith that your thoughts will be kept in confidence if that is your wish. Someone with whom you can walk, dance, vacation, debate, challenge, learn, laugh or cry and yes even fart... without fear or trepidation. To be with a friend in silence, sharing space and feeling the connection of confidence that only tried true and tested friendships can attain. The pride knowing someone knows you better than anyone in whole wide world. Friends are a natural part of my family.