Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Your Breast CAncer Protection Guide..

Last year, I was diagnosed that I had a lump on my right breast.Thanks GOD, Ive done all the test like X-ray,ultra sound,mammogram and finally the biopsy.........and thanks to GOD it's negative result...It's just a soft tissue.. I want to share to the readers "Why mammograms still matter and other must know facts to lower your risk. Women are terrified of breast cancer. A recent survey by the Society for WOmen's Health Research found that it's the most feared illness among women, ranked higher than heart disease, HIV and AIDS, ALzheimer or ovarian cancer. Yet experts are seeing an alarming trend.MAny women are skipping crucial preventive measures, including getting an "ANNUAL MAMMOGRAM".

The death rate form this disease has been going down, partly beacuse cancers are being found earlier.When a woman doesn't get a mammogram, we're loosing an oppurtunity to catch cancer in it's earliest,most curable stage. Two big problems are that women are confused about what affects their risk, and they aren't sure which test go get when.Despite confusing headlines that have questioned whether mammogram really saves lives (specially in women under 40) getting the screening annually statrting at age 40 is still essential.MIssing just one can mean the difference between catching cancer in a more treatable statge versus a later one in which the prognosis may not be as good.

As an experience to it's really up to you to see a doctor annually,have her examine your breast and give you a mammogram referral...usually 40 yrs old and above..Also I recommend that women of all ages and risk factor do a breast self exam (including under your arms) regularly.It doesnt have to be monthly, but it should be often enough so that you have a sense of what's normal and what's not for you.