Friday, January 25, 2008

Thanks WENG

Here I am still trying to be one of the bloggers.This afternoon a friend of mine name "WENG" aka. asawakomahalko introduce,inviting me again to make a blog.She invite me since last year but I never take it serious. Because I dont believe earning through online. Scam, scammers, scam is all over.that's my main reason......... take it for granted! here I am now one of the bloggers,"THANKS WENG" for the time and effort.I talk to myself "Why dont you try it?"I really dont have an idea how to earn....that's why I check other bloggers site.I found out some sites how to earn extra bucks....So I try "PAYPERPOST"....sad to say my blog has been rejected....ha ha ha...I just start blogging,posting two days ago .......must be at least 90 days old in order to participate.I never read about PPP I just make an account. WHat in the world is this? ha ha ha....Well, lesson to learn....Another one is "SMORTY" again "decline" my page rank "zero"and not enough indexed pages....huh I could not blame them I only have 6 indexed pages ha ha ha.....I asked "WENG" all about this....and she finally introduce,explain to me everything. I dont even know how to invite co-bloggers.......Again thanks "WENG" I really appreciated what you have done to me.

Just this moment,I receive an email from Google Adsense... my application has been..... approved...In reality I tell you I really dont know what Im doing........still confused.....

Again and again "WENG"