Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ribbons of friendship,love,& care

At the Methodist Church this morning...the Methodist women are selling "RIBBONS" for their fund raising and it's also a METHODIST WOMEN DAY.... I got a bunch of "RIBBONS" thanks to my friends at Old River Terrace UNited Methodist Church...Ribbons are achieved through your unit's ribbon criteria. Different units will award a ribbon for different standards. This doesn't mean that the ribbon's meaning is false, but the way you achieve it is different between units. like they award you the ribbon as a friend,love,care etc.

There's a ribbon that binds our hearts together,a ribbon that can't be bought.
It always brings us close in spirit and thought.It gives us strength when life becomes more than we can bear,because it's made out of a warmth that says,"I'm here, and I care."It's a stronger expression than any word ever written or said,for when life is unkind,it makes us hopeful instead.And I'm certain that this ribbon will never loosen or fade away for it's a bond we'll cherish all of our days.