Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Reunion

I miss posting my blog.Me and my husband been busy for our family reunion this coming Thursday Juy 17-20 at the Girl Scout Camp,Rogersville Alabama. I love this reunion specially my hubby,that's why we dont want to be missed.This is my 3rd yr been going this reunion....If you are talking about live & silent auction this reunion have their own auction.This auction is for the family reunion funds (My husband's mother side).Swimming,playing all kinds of games,canoe etc.lots and lots of fun. I dont know what a Canoe before? A canoe basically is tiny slender boat, characteristically human-powered, but also normally sailed. Canoes are usually pointed at both the sides and are normally open on top, though it can be covered.In its human-powered version, the canoe is pushed forward with help of paddles, and the number of paddles depending on the dimension of the canoe. Paddlers usually face in the path of the travel, moreover settled on support in the hull, or kneeling directly on the hull. In this manner paddling a canoe can be compared with rowing, where the rowers usually face towards the opposite direction of travel.Anyway all I know is the so called "BANGKA" in the Philippines ha ha ha...

We are leaving tonight.It's a long trip.My hubby already take long nap since this morning.ANd Im getting ready too,to take my nap. After the family reunion,tuesday morning we are leaving for illinios.My friends keep us in your prayer. Need to take my nap now,take a rest for tonight's long drive.


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