Thursday, July 3, 2008

Swimming Lesson

You know who is that? That's Mace,my love of my life ha ha second to my daughter. He is my husband, best friend son who is also a blessing to them after 12 yrs of marriage. This morning,Ace call my husband informing us that Mace have his first swimming lesson this coming TUesday at YMCA.WHat? a swimming lesson! Look at Mace.Do you think he knows how to swim on that age.Maybe yes or no,thats why his parents decided to have a swimming lesson.He just turn one year last March 22,.His dad ask us if we want to watch MAce on his first day swimming lesson. Of course, I we will be there. I will watch how a 1 year & 4 months kid know how to swim. This would be fun. Im so excited like his Mom.