Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Vacation

Family Reunion Held
Girl SCout of North Alabama,Rogersvilla,ALabama

ME and my husband seen these 3 deers early in the mornig at the girl scout camp during the family reunion.We stay there 3 DAYS ,2 NIGHTS

We just come home from our long vacation.WE been in Alabama for one week for a family reunion.It's fun and we really enjoy our four days Camp Family Reunion.NOw, another year again.AFter the family reunion we leave for Illinios to visit my friend for many years.It's 7 hours from alabama to altamont,illinios.Of course it take us to long to be there because we stop in Tennesse and Kentucy, a road trip. We stay in illinios for one week.I miss Ailyn, it's been a year and a half that we never seen each other. The last time I visit here was last 2006 7 months after I arrived here in US. At this time, she had a little boy,and he is so cute.So we spend most of our time,my husband leave us alone ha ha ha ha..We watch movie,go shopping,etc.....this is what we usually do before when we are working at PHILAMLIFE in the PHilippines.And we miss it.My husband and her husband have a great time too...Saturday,it's the time to come home and we already miss them specially LAne...My husband love kids....ON our way home,we stop at the coushatta casino. My husband been convince me for two years to stop in the casino everytime we come home from Alabama. Not to gamble much,but to show it to me how it look likes. So, here I am.I told my husband we will just spend $100. IM not a gambler. I will just spend my money for food than waste it for nothing.Good thing if you always won and you are rich ha ha ha..Anyway, after3 slot machines, I won $70....then suddenly I was addicted ha ha ha so I keep playing until I got $30 left,then I quit....That's all I got left from $100.My husband ask me $ 20...He said we are here to spend $100....ha ha he play poker,he won,loose a couple of times,black jack same thing win,loose.I dont know this game, I just watch them...Until he had $100 left. So I told him,let's go home.... ha ha ha Im happy because we never loose even a single dime ha ha ha..WE been driving all day all night.WE are really tired.when we come home last Sunday we're really knock down.We sleep all day....ANyway, we have a great vacation....


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.