Sunday, July 13, 2008

Praying for our friend

Im so tired today,as in IM wore out. We are supposedly leave tonight going to ALabama for a family reunion this coming Thursday July 17-20.Things changed.THe people who will take over my job watching this old couple had a family problem.Her dad had a mild heart attack last Saturday night.IN short her dad is in the hospital.HEr dad schedule for atriple bypass last Monday, then thursday,then saturday and hopefully finally tomorrow.The bypass surgery been postponed every now and then because they notice her dad had a urine infection. So, we moved our trip this coming Wednesday night.We dont want Mia to be bother since her dad is still in the hospital.We visit Paul,Mia's dad at the hospital after church service it's in downtown houston an hour from where we live.There are to many hospital in downtown houston and they all connecting from one to each other from the parking lot.If you are not alert you will got lost.We're glad we find the right one.When we visit Paul, he looks his alright but he said sometimes he got dizzy and he wants to go home..ha ha ha ha..Hopefully after his bypass tomorrow everything's alright.He told us that their meal usually pork!pork! pork! no more pork. We are praying for you PAul for your fast recovery.

After our family reunion this coming sunday,we are going to Illinios to visit my friend.It's been a year and half since the last time we visit them.We should visit them last last year when her baby got baptized.....honestly Im one of her son's godmother but due to the FAll Festival last year at the church we could not attend.My husband is the main chairperson for the bazaar.I dont want to travel by myself. Im so excited to our road trip and to see my friend.THen from Illinios going back to texas. Im so tired and Im ready for my sleeping beauty tonight.