Sunday, June 15, 2008

Adam Sandler

My husband and I watch movie this afternoon. We usually watch movie every Sunday but due to gas high price we cut it back ha ha ha ha. We have 3 choices and we choose Adam Sandler new movie. It's "dont mess with the Zohan". We dont have an idea what is all about,all we know is it's funny and good because Adam's Sandler is one of the most popular mainstream comedians. Adam Sandler plays an Israeli counter terrorist commando whose big dreams is to become a hair dresser. Opps, just watch the movie, I will not tell you all about the movie. At the end there is a moral lesson but if you are a conservative dont watch this movie and please dont bring your kids.No other comment ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Adam Sandler is classic, though he does his best work as long as he's not straying form his specialty: casual, unassuming comedies