Monday, June 2, 2008

Im home

Finally, we are home. We been in Alabama since Thursday and just got home this morning.Im so tired because we wake up 30clock. YOu know why? Our ticket is stand by passenger. We need to go home today. The Webster need us...Thanks GOd there's 10 seats empty. IM tired but Im here in my blog trying to update.My husband have a class reunion last Saturday.We have a great time and yesterday we have a family party before we leave. They always do that everytime we visit my mom-in-law.We have fun.It's nice to see my extended family in ALabama. And now I miss them ha ha ha ha.Anyway,we wil see them again next month for family reunion.Great to be home..I miss my bed..and I miss my friends here.


Rowena Tadiarca said...

Good to hear that your back home safe. Hope you had a good time. You deserve that break.