Friday, June 6, 2008

Airlines Regulation

Do you know the new airlines regulation? Or it's because of our ticket.Me and my husband usually driving everytime we visit my in-laws in Alabama or anywhere we want to travel because it's fun. But at this time we fly by plane because gas is too high. We supposed to get ticket online but a friend of ours offer a buddy pass ticket which is cheaper. SHe works in the airlines as a stewardess. I will not mention what airlines. So we try it.It's a half price than the original price.God is good we got our first flight back and forth without waiting another flight.We call this in the Philippines chance passenger. I always do this before everytime there is an emergency.But the airlines have a rules. Like for men you cannot wear shorts,no jeans, denim attire is unacceptable.For women no open toe shoes,no miniskirts, no tank top style dresses and spaghetti strap style dresses and flip flop sandals. Most of this are alright with me except the open toe shoes ha ha. I dont know if it's because of our ticket.First we dont believe it when our friend told us but when the ticket email to us it's true. All we did is just follow the instruction since our ticket is cheap. Or maybe Im just over reacting because I could not wear sandals ha ha...But we have really a great time. And thanks to our friend. This is a good experience for us.