Sunday, June 15, 2008

I miss my dad on FATHERS DAY.

My father passed away last October 25, 2003. After several heart attacks,stroke that paralyzed his right side of his body.Cardiac Arrest ...... took his life.His 50 years old.I was in MAnila at that time working,when My Nanang(MAma) and Lola call me that my Tatang (dad) keep calling on me and want me to go home.You know, what I feel on that minute.I could not concentrate on my paper works my heart pumping too fast.All in my mind is what if my dad passed away and Im not there, Lord give him one more chance my dad is still too young. After two hours my Lola call me that my dad passed away after he heard that Me and My Aunt Lucy will go home the next day. I miss my dad too bad.HE is always proud of me. He always have high expectation on me eventhough I got pregnant early.All he wants is I cannot finished in college.And I did and I got a good job in Manila after one month I graduate in College. He love my daughter.Spoiled,yes she is!...All school activities,he was there.We are all not perfect but my dad was a wonderful man. I just want to start telling you dad how much I love you and I miss you. It has been very hard these past few years without you.Crystel is growing up more and more everyday. You would be so proud of her.She was always TAtang's girl.I just want to thank you for everything that you have done for me in the past. I just really wish that I could have told you goodbye and that I love you very much.