Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Balikbayan Box

There are millions of Filipinos living abroad. Many of them working and supporting families back home. Filipinos are close knit and sending gifts or pasalubongs are just part of Filipino tradition. For Filipinos living overseas, you would probably have not met someone that has not sent a balikbayan box to their relatives in the Philippines.

One of the frustrations of many Filipinos living abroad is that you cannot just simply order items from the internet and have them delivered straight to the Philippines. Delivery to the Philippines is expensive and the duties are insanely high. So the only way to manage this problem is by the use of a balikbayan box freight forwarding company.

Part of the attraction of sending a balikbayan box is economy. Imagine for a flat rate of around $60. One can be able to fill the box with anything as long as it does not violate any custom regulations and add to that is you can fill it up to the brim with anything without worrying about the weight since there is no weight limit.

The Balikbayan Box usually takes 21 days to a month to get there, but it's hassle free and they deliver it to your door. Considering the size (20x20x20) it is a great deal. If you opt for a bigger (jumbo) size box they usually have them too for a price.

There are several balikbayan box freight forwarders out there, but our family always rely on Forex cargo since we do not encounter any problems with them and the company has been in the United States since 1986.

So the next time you have some gifts or pasalubongs for your family in the Philippines, just contact one of those balikbayan box freight forwarders to have your Forex box picked up.
If you have questions or requesting a Balikbayan Box pick up, or visit https://www.forexworld.us/v3/default.aspx for mor info.