Saturday, October 25, 2008

Work Day

Today is "THE WORK DAY" at the church.Hubby wake me up early this morning because the methodist men prepare for the breakfast.For reality hubby dont cook breakfast he just do th pointing! ha ha ha.He went I dont.He was in the church at 5am this morning open the fellowship hall and help the methodist men.I did not go because I have a work day at home.Ha ha ha.It's been two weeks that I did not do my house cleaning.I vacuum last thursday because I could not take it.I work from Monday-Thursday and for this past two weekends hubby and me wnt to flea market.So, I clean all morning while hubby is busy in the church for the upcoming fall festival.It will be soon.I was so tired.I miss the pumpkin carving today at the church and the baby shower this morning.I just remember this evening after church service.