Monday, October 13, 2008

Scammers and Hackers are in ebay

Scammers and Hackers are in ebay.I check my emails two days ago and one of the ebay ebayer send me a bill the item that I bid.If Im not wrong it's a motorcyle parts. I could not remember the name of the ebayer.I could post in here so some ebayer be aware.I was curious and suspicious that maybe it's a scam.So I log in in my ebay and check my messages inbox but there is no message from ebay about the bill.I open the link,and it's empty and I check the date when did I bid the stuff it's Sept.13, So,my suspicious came true because on that date we dont have electricity because of the HUrricane Ike and what would I do with the motorcyle parts.So, I check my ebay again and click the discussion and I found out there that hackers are in ebay.So I email to ebay about my problem.And they response quickly.

Ebay response:
Thanks for letting us know about a suspicious email or website. We'll investigate your report right away and tell you the results in a separate email. If an email or website asks for personal financial information, assume it's fake until you hear from us. If you think you may have given out your personal information, you should change your eBay, PayPal, and email passwords right away. You should also contact your bank to see if there's been any suspicious activity on your account.

Another reply from ebay
Hello, Thanks for forwarding the suspicious email you received. The email is a spoof, also known as a phishing, email. (That's "phishing," as in "fishing" for personal information.) It didn't come from eBay. Our Trust & Safety team is working to disable any websites it links to. Remember that you can always check the My Messages section of My eBay to see if a message from us is legitimate. Copies of any emails we send you about the status of your account or a change in your account information will be displayed in My Messages. This is especially helpful since many spoof emails try to convince you that your account is in jeopardy. If you've given out personal information in a spoof email or website, you need to take steps to protect your identity right away. For more information about what to do, go to: If you'd like to learn more about how to spot a spoof email and stay safe online, go to: Keep those reports coming -- you're helping protect the global Internet community! Our Trust & Safety team works closely with Internet Service Providers to shut down fraudulent sites. We also send your reports to Web browser companies so that they can develop tools to identify spoof sites.

BEWARE of all the scammers and hackers that are raging havic in Ebay and PayPal! They are sending emails to personal accounts of Ebay and Paypal users, and convincing them that their accounts have been jeopardized or suspended, and that they need to click their LINK to change passwords to fix the situation. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL HACK INTO YOUR HARD DRIVE!!!! Once you have went into their link, they will IMMEDIATELY get into your hard drive and enter keystroke and password software so they may read EVERYTHING you are typing, and be able to see the actual PASSWORDS you are typing. They will also enter software so they can invite their FRIENDS into your hard drive. They download VIRUSES and TROJAN HORSES as fast as they can get them in. They will get into your EBAY account and list NUMEROUS false listings under your USER ID. PLEASE, heed all the warnings out there, and NEVER answer an email in your PERSONAL account from someone saying they are EBAY or PAYPAL...The REAL messages will show in MY MESSAGES in your EBAY ACCOUNT. If you suspect a message is not real, copy the message, get into your ebay account, and contact ebay and PASTE the message to them. WE NEED TO WORK TOGETHER TO STOP THESE PEOPLE. They are HURTING THOUSANDS of PEOPLE EVERY DAY!!! Let's all try to help and make EBAY a safe place again!!!!! Thank you for reading....I hope it helps someone.


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