Monday, October 13, 2008

Forex Balikbayan Box

I called the Forex branch here in Houston last Friday if they could send me a Forex Balikbayan Box.It cost $5 per box and they will just deduct the $5 to the shipping cost when they pick up your box.I love FOREX,it's cheaper it dont matter how heavy it is as long as you use the exact size of the box.LAst year I send one mont ahed before Christmas and they deliver it on the 24th of December.THe filipino lady told me that they will drop the box MOnday since they will pick up some package in Baytown.So, I wait and waited this morning and the lady call meafter lunch.SHe ask sorry because the delivery man forgot to stop by and drop the box.SO, they will deliver the box tomorrow.If you are planning to send packages in the Philippines for your love ones just check and check the branch in your place. They are all over in the UNited States and other country.