Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Second Day Horse Training

That's "BOW"......he is one of the horses at the Evergreen Ranch.I like this horse because if it's a human he is the MACHO MAN...Isnt it!....The owner also have a flawless horses...ha ha ha haLAst Sunday was our second day training.At this time, I was not bored because we are in the actual training.Like how to walk,stop etc.The horse are very smart. First thing the owner told us is dont look in the eyes of the horse and rub his nose as a sign of friendship.It's amazing!....that the horse can do such things that I couldnt believe it. Hubby and I always watch ROdeo every year.Now I know how the owner give the best training for his horses.At the evergreen ranch the owner told us how he study about horses.Anyway,we are thankful that we have enough volunteer at this time. Next sunday is the last training before the "FALL FESTIVAL".Thanks to the Helmer.