Friday, February 8, 2008

Cancer And Chemotherapy

"Knowledge is power when it comes to cancer treatment....

The use of chemotherapy drugs to treat cancer has proven to be a significant medical advance in fighting a disease, enabling millions of cancer patients to enjoy full and productive lives.However, the treatment can cause serious side effects.

While such drugs often an integral component in disease management can be successful at destroying fast growing cancer cells, they can also adversely affect the body's healty cells.One of the most serious side effects of chemotheraphy treatment is a reduced production of white blood ells which help your body fight infection. When the number of infection fighting neutrophils becomes low and the conition of neutropenia reults, a patient can be at risk fior developing serious even life threatening infections. Neutropenia can also cause an interruption in treatment. Thats why its imperative to learn its warning signs and take steps to help protect against infection.