Saturday, February 2, 2008

How To Go About Making Money from

Your first garage sale can be to clean out your "junk". Your subsequent sales can be for items you pick up at bargain prices at flea markets, swap meets and auctions, which you then turn around and sell out of your own garage. You can still give someone a bargain and make a profit on the merchandise turnover.

Why not you? If you've ever had a garage sale, you must have realized the potential involved. All of these customers come to you simply because you put a small advertisement in the newspaper. People come for all kinds of reasons: a day out, a specific objective, or someone who likes browsing in search of that little unknown gem that might have great appeal.

What do people look for? Almost anything! Clothes, books, art, old records, furniture, pots and pans, a fishing pole- you name it! Most people will buy at least one thing. They have that shopping itch! They want to be able to tell someone about the bargain they found!

Flea Markets and Garage sales are full of surprises for these people. It's not like going down to a K-Mart or Sears where you know what the merchandise is and where it's located. Something that would be of no interest to you can be someone else's hobby!

As you get to be a garage sale expert, you will end up going around to these sales and acquiring great deals which you can turn around and sell at a profit.IM not bragging with my husband but he is a good salesman... If someone needs cash, there may be tremendous deals out there on the tables. Or if someone is moving and wants to get rid of whatever they don't wish to move this means a great opportunity to pick up something unusual or needed without spending much cash yourself.

How much money you can earn at your garage sales depends on the inventory and the customer traffic. The variety of goods you have will make your sale more attractive, especially if you start having them on a regular basis. If you're preparing for one and cleaning out the house, you will likely stumble upon items that you might not have known you had- some of them almost brand new!

If it's stored in your attic, basement or other storage space and you haven't seen it for years, much less used it, it's a good candidate for the sale. Some people have wedding gifts they've never used, duplicates or whatever, and they've forgotten they even have it.

It's not only the hidden items, though. Items in plain sight, that are taking up room, have taken on a familiarity so that you may not even see them anymore. It may be a lamp you haven't turned on since you installed a ceiling fan with a light. It may be a chair you never sit in. It may be clothes at the back of the closet that don't fit any longer.

You're ready! You're in the right frame of mind for this task, so let's set up your first garage sale.