Thursday, February 7, 2008

World famous Australian barbecue gets a Filipino flavor

Australian culture is famous for its "Aussie Barbie," their version of the barbecue. A dish which Pinoys in Australia, who brought with them their love of good food and family get togethers, were quick to adapt this dish to suit the Pinoy taste.

Two grandmothers spearheaded this adaptation, and now sisters Lola Ponjie and Lola Marina Florentino grace nearly every Pinoy salu-salo with the best tasting barbecue in Campbelltown, New South Wales, ABS-CBN Australia News Bureau reported.

Lola Marina proudly says "timpla natin iba sa kanila (our flavorings are different from anyone else’s). Hindi pa sila nagtitimpla kaya matabang na matabang in the Philippines hindi mo malasahan (In the Philippines their barbecue would be really bland because they do not even flavor their meat)."

The Florentinos used to own the famous Matiyaga Restaurant in May Pajo, Caloocan which was established before World War II.

The restaurant counted movie and television stars among its patrons.

But now that the Florentino sisters have moved to Australia, they share their special recipes by catering and hosting gatherings of family and friends.

Lola Ponjie says their barbecue has more taste which is so different from other barbecues.

Conquering the Australian taste buds have proven that Filipino cooking is one Pinoys everywhere can be proud of. But making the second generation Pinoy-Aussie appreciate this is just as important in helping preserve our culture.