Monday, February 4, 2008

Season of Lent

Let's understand the season which the church calls "Lent". The word Lent comes form the Angolo-SAxon word "LENTEN" meaning Spring. The season climaxes with the Resurection of our LOrd on Easter morning the Spring" of new life!

The season begins with Ash wednesday and lasts for 6 weeks or more accurately, 40 days, excluding sundays. These 40 days represent the days Jesus spent in the wilderness during His temptation (see Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4).

The mood of this season of that repentance and reflection. We are remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made at Calvary for our sins. This is motivation to turn from any and all known sin in our lives. Many choose,as a way of remembering His sacrifice and participating in His self-denial, to give up something for Lent.

The symbol of this season are those associated with Palm sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Jesus trial Crucifixion, palm branches, basin and pitcher, bread and cup, 30 silver coins, crown of thorns, 3 crosses,hammer and nails, etc.......

The color of Lent is purple. It is both the color of repentance and royalty. We not only turn from our sins, also look forward to the coming of our risen Lord, who is the King of KIngs and Lord of lords.