Sunday, February 10, 2008

World Marriage Day

Today is the "WORLD MARRIAGE DAY".

World Marriage Day is celebrated, the theme, symbol, prayer, and more.The second sunday in February each year is World Marriage Day.The permanent theme adopted for the day is "Love One Another". Loving one another is a daily decision, simple but challenging. The symbol for World Marriage Day is two candle-like figures joined by a heart. The hope is that couples will be reminded of their calling as married couples to enlighten the world by being life-giving to one another.One of the ways to encourage long term marriage relationships is to celebrate World Marriage Day in your own community.Here are ways other communities throughout the world celebrate World Marriage Day.

Encourage couples to do activities that will strengthen their own marriages, such as reading a book on marriage together or attending a marriage communication course or encounter.

Take your own spouse out for a date.

Display your own wedding album in your home.

Special church services.

Posting of wedding photos at churches, libraries, marriage license offices, or city halls.

Print pamphlets with a listing of prayers for marriage and marriage enrichment opportunties.

Try to find the longest married couple in your community.

Create a Marriage Hall of Fame in your community for those married for 40 years or more.

Prayers for marriage on magnets.

Community gathering for couples to renew their wedding vows or to re-dedicate themselves to one another.

Special Valentine's Day banquets, potlucks, breakfasts, or dances for married couples.

Interviews with long-term married couples on radio, television, or with newspapers.

Media campaign on marriage on how to build a good marriage utilizing billboards, posters, articles and ads in newspapers, talkshows, Mayoral and governor proclamations, sermon series, etc.

Ask couples to submit to a local newspaper contest, their favorite marriage memory.