Thursday, February 21, 2008

Planning makes laundry day easier

Do you believe in an apartment that doesn't have a washing machine or dryer? Here are some hints to make laundry day a little easier.

  • Sorting clothes is very important. Sort clothing before you leave! If you send someone else to do the laundry, this will make it easier.
  • Dont overstuff the washer, since clothes cannot get clean. Always use the correct amount of detergent according to directions, more is not better.
  • Get plenty of change. Throughout the week or months, save quarters.
  • Plastic containers are just right to hold detergent, powdered bleach and fabric softener. No messy measuring. It also keeps you from having to carry large bottles or boxes around.
  • Bring along hangers so that you can hang up items right from the dryer with no wrinkles, which means no ironing.
  • To know which washers you are using, place large, colorful magnets on the machines to spot them easily.
  • If you're going to do laundry, why not wash comforters, blankets and other large items, since front loading machines with no agitators are usually there. If you wash one large item load each time, you will always have fresh bits and prices.

Hope these hints make your laundry experience better.