Sunday, August 10, 2008

Come to Jesus Song (Untitled HYmm)

Our Power Lab. Vacation Bible School was finished last thursday. "Come to Jesus" is my favorite song even the kids and they have fun.Last thursday there is a re-enacment about thi song. It was so touchy and makes me cry even those kids ages 8.Everytime I hear this song,it makes me cry. This morning at the church all the kids who attend the VBS was present.All of them.YOU know why?because they will sing the Power Lab songs again during the service and do the Come to Jesus re-enacment.MOstly the people in the church are crying even the kids. Power Lab’s.... deep-impact Bible learning and application options that open young hearts to Jesus. You’ll see God work miracles in and through us…and literally watch lives change as kids embrace Operation Kid-to-Kid and dive into Daily Challenges. Your children won’t just learn God’s Word—they’ll live it.A-ha!All the kids fell in love all the VBS songs....

Other Power VBS SOngs

"Amazing Grace"

"Power in the Blood"