Sunday, August 24, 2008

ORT golf Tournament

Yesterday was the Old River Terrace United Methodist Church GOlf Tournament.Me & my husband was there as early as 7am. Jim Harrisson I call him the "BIG DOG" ha ha ha..instruct us about "WHAT THE HOLE WATCHERS"are! It's not that we dont trust this people playing but this is the church fund raising.And thanks GOD there is 57 players (15 teams). We watch the hole # 3 and some other couple watch the hole #17 which the price is "HOLE IN ONE ON......WINS and the price $10,000WOw! it's a big price.For hole #17, should be 165 for men and 150 yard for the women,that's what the price for.Luckily,nobody got it! ha ha ha.One of the church member donate for this prize.Before I go on this is my first time in the golf course....FOr the last two years,we been always been out of town everytime the event schedule. ME & my husband really dont have an idea but when we are in the actual game we found out that it's just easy.

The game starts at exactly 8am.We watch the #3 hole. And this is the team play the first hole.That's our preacher and his team.THere having fun.THe weather is pretty good.Not to hot and thanks GOd it's not raining.This is also my first time driving the gOLf CaRt.It's fun too.

Thats me,we are waiting for the team.....At 12pm it's already hot and Im already ready to go home but we still have 5 teams to be wait......
that's my husband and me acting silly.....his also ready to go home and we are tired...We dont know that the game will long last for 7 hrs...he could not handle to much heat. I had a headache too but still smiling ha ha ha..My husband keep saying me this is for the church! ha ha ha

Finally, the last team was here...that's charlotte another church member...THe tournament finish at 2pm....and after the game there is still some more prizes to be awarded at the pavillion but we did not stay.I have a headache because of the heat and my husband got hot. I need to be at the catholic church by 5pm for the sunday service. This is important to us me and my husband.

That's Jim who organize this event.He did the great job.Really,really great.ME and my husband enjoy even if we did not play.Also we would like to thanks the people who give donation for food,prizes,snacks etc.People who volunteer and thanks to my husband and me ha ha ha ha.

WIth this event thanks to GOD the church raised $5,500.This will help pay the ORT Methodist Church apportionments.AGain thanks for the people who donate,help,church members.WIthout you all the church could not raised this big amount. And the second big church fund raising event will be this coming NOvember the "FALL FESTIVAL".