Friday, August 1, 2008

My Daughters Birthday

Today is my daughter's 12th Birthday.Wow! for me it just yesterday,she was born.Wish I was there. Before here birthday I call her for some reason.Actually I will call her last night but she said we will chat tomorrow night.....she had a surprise for us....She want to join the band member at school.Well, I been thinking it many times because I know how expensive it is.Im also a band member when I was in high school for 4 yrs.Anyway, when I ask my husband all he said let her join and send how much she need it.Huh!...I dont want to spoiled my daughter but my husband spoiled her.Well, she deserve it.She had good grades in school and do some extra curriculum. We are proud of her...I ask my Mom what gift should I give to our daughter.My Mom said all she want for her birthday is a new haircut,meaning a new hairstyle.Wow! a 12 yrs generation.........Hmm....We are excited to see her new look tomorrow night...Hopefully,soon she will be here with us.To my daughter Crystel Milca "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"