Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Life

We have a FAMILY LIFE at the church this evening.It's fun because this month the family life committee decided to have a bingo social.Ther prizes are 6 Walmart gift card.Cards are free...Just last month the family life have HOLY HOP...which is fun too....We should watch movie tonight because it's our date night with my hubby.....ha ha ha..BUt the precaher keep calling us,remind us not to forget the family night....I have to many opps to grab but Im tired as of now,as of this hour,ha ha ha I work this morning,then this afternoon we went to the doctor.And now Im ready for my nap time.Dont tell me wrong, but Im happy that I have a bunch of opps THIS WEEK than the previous months.I dont have nothing!....Im so empress....I promise I will grab them tonight after we come home from the BINGO tonight.