Friday, August 22, 2008

Golf Course

I was in the Doctors Office when Jim Harrisson call us.Tomorrow is the "GOLF DAY" sponsored by the OLd River TErrace UNited Methodist Church at Channelview Golf Course. THis is a fund raising for the Church.HE wants us to watch the "HOLE" ........A hole! I dont even know how to play golf!Never even once! My husband and I sponsor a team but we dont play golf. I dont have an idea how you will win. I seen in the TV but watching and keeping scores,I dont know..I will leave it to my husband maybe he know it.......I play golf cards ha ha ha ... BUT he said all you want to do is watch the hole and he will tell us the details tomorrow......HUh! dont you know what time we will be at the golf course.....7am my friends! 7 am!.....Im still sleeping at that time since it's saturday....but for the sake of the church I will wake up early.....I hope. We will be at Buffy's house tonight to watch the boys since she and her husband have an important meeting at the restaurant and probably it tooks a while.It's been raining here in houston since saturday until yesterday...Good thing the weather is pretty good today..If not it's so nasty playing golf tomorrow.....IM sure mosquito's ar present there tomorrow. Everytime I see people playing golf,all is in my mind are THEY ARE RICH PEOPLE!.....Arent they!