Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yellow Book Coupons

Im a coupon savers.Im looking for a dentist last week and I found a coupon.From where? from the yellow book coupons. I dont realize that there is a coupon at the end of the pages. So, I went to the dentist this afternoon for prophylaxis and also I want the dentist to check my upper jacket I dont know what they called here in U.S but they called it jacket in the Philippines.I use this since high school until now. And I want the dentist if he can pull and clean it inside but he scared if he will do it he brook the false teeth.HE recommend to have and x-ray and he will suggest what is the best thing to do on my jacket. So he suggest to put crowns. When I was in the PHilippines, the dentist always pull it everytime she did general cleaning. Anyway the dentist did a good job for cleaning my teeth and I pay half price for my prophylaxis and x-ray by using the coupon.Hopefully when he does my two crowns he will also give me a half price.Thanks to dorsey dental.