Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Sunday

It's Sunday! I check my ebay early this morning before going to church. And thanks GOd I sold one item. I set a goal for myself. What is that goal? To sell one or more item in ebay every month.Im hoping to get some more sales this month.

At ORT Methodist Church the service was too long today because they have a baptism, join the church (new member )and communion. It's almost 1pm.Maybe your wondering why I mention "COMMUNION", some methodist church have only one communion it's every first sunday of the month not like us roman Catholic every sunday or everyday.Any how? I was hungry as in starving to death,ha ha. So, my husband and I plan to eat at MExican or Chinese Food but my hubby jump on me that we just eat Chinese Food last tuesday" can we eat mexican food there's a new Mexican Resto near in wal-mart since you are planning to buy grocery".I said Alright! you won!..So we went in IGUANA JOE'S.I never been in Iguana nor once.IGUANA JOE'S just open last week in our place where we live. I always order FAJITA BEEF no beans, double rice,ha ha ha.ANd you know what? I been in many Mexican resto but the FAJITA at Iguana Joe's is the best ever.No kidding! To Iguana Joe's your FAJITA is the best!


azillah said...

congrats sis,im happy for u...miss u