Monday, April 28, 2008

MAke it Worth the Wait

did you ever try to count up all the time you spend waiting in lines? There's the line in the cafeteria, the line at the movie ticket booth, the line at the checkout counter at the record store......well, you get the picture. Waiting in the line can get pretty frustrating particularly if you're spending your waiting time thinking about all the things you need to do after you get to the front of the line.So dont think about them. Spend your line time trying one of these.Place your palms together and push them against each other as hard as you can. It will build your muscle.Imagine what all the people in line looked like as babies.You'll laugh your way up the line.Imagine that you are a movie star stopping to pose for the paparazzi. Just keep those smiles and waves imaginary,too. Unless you want people to stare at you!


azillah said...

hehehehe..i love this Mar..experienced gyud ko ani