Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Country Living

Life in the country is certainly different from life in the city, although the two are certainly intertwined. In the Philippines,just like your living in the province. Fax machines, computer modems and overnight express mail link one population to the other and the old stereo types of rural folk as backward and less educated is getting a long overdue revision. By it's nature what most separates rural living from urban living is land. In the country, folks commonly live in close contact with a landscape. In the cities, people have less chance to experience trees, crops and the vagaries of weather. country living is most often shared with other creatures too domesticated farm animal, household pets and wildlife of all kinds. Residing in a rural neighboorhood requires a respect for animanl life and an appreciation for the ecology of living things.It's all interconnected, because there are fewer public utilities and government serices in the country, ruralpeople are forced to be more self-reliant than their urban cousins. They may service their own machinery, grow their own vegetables or find alternative sources of energy when the need arises. It's a special way of life, to be sure and not mean for eveyone but for those with an affinity for nature and a sense of indepenence the rewards can be great.